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Kress Law is experienced in assisting clients in recovering debts through the enforcement of security, lien proceedings and litigation.

If you hold mortgage security, we are experienced in handling foreclosure proceedings in order to recover amounts owing. We are adept at analyzing priorities and we always provide our frank opinion of the chance of actual financial recovery before incurring costs. We will not advise you to incur costs to recover a debt if it is hopeless. 

We will assess each file to determine whether any facts exist that could put you in a priority position, such as a lien. Kristen has an acute interest in construction law, and is experienced in builders’ lien matters. If you are owed money for improvements made to lands, she can help you register and enforce a lien.  

However, many liens have strict and short time limitations, so you should contact us as  soon as possible in order to ensure your rights to take priority over other creditors, or to enforce against the property of a debtor, do not lapse. In a difficult economy, it can be very difficult to enforce a debt as an unsecured creditor. 

If a judgment is obtained through collection proceedings, we can take steps to collect, such as obtaining a writ of enforcement, performing searches to find avenues of enforcement, garnisheeing bank accounts or employment earnings, registering the writ against the debtor’s property including land, seizing personal property or commencing sale of lands proceedings. 

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