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Our practice focuses on areas that affect the average Lakeland resident and business.

Continuity of Service

Serving the community for almost 50 years.


Extremely personalized service,
without interruption.

In 1972, Randy Fowle started a law firm in Bonnyville which quickly grew to serve clients throughout the Lakeland area. In 1980, he was joined by Allan W. Fraser. Randy left in the early 1980s, but Allan stayed and carried on a busy general practice of law in Bonnyville for over 30 years. Allan was joined in 2013 by Kristen Kress, who took over the firm upon his retirement at the end of 2015.

This continuity of service has ensured that the firm’s clients have had the benefit of a small and nimble firm and extremely personalized service, without interruption, for almost 50 years. Our firm is now proudly assisting the fourth and fifth generations of our client’s families. We continue to store estate planning documents which were prepared decades ago. Kristen’s deep roots in Bonnyville ensure that our clients can expect to maintain the same continuity of service for decades to come.

Although Allan is retired, he is always willing to share his deep knowledge and the wisdom of his experience to assist his clients.

Continuity of Service

Rooted in the Lakeland.


Kristen was born and raised
in Bonnyville, Alberta.

As were both of her parents and most of her grandparents. She is the principal of the firm, and carries on a general practice of law. She attended the University of Alberta for her entire post-secondary education and earned a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) With Distinction in 2008, followed by a Bachelor of Laws With Distinction in 2011. She articled at a Lakeland law firm and was called to the Alberta bar in 2012.

Kristen focuses her practice on areas that affect the average Lakeland resident and business, with one big exception: she no longer practices in the area of family law. She is especially passionate about representing small- to medium-sized businesses and their stakeholders with the legal issues that affect them throughout the life cycle of their business. Her background in tax and accounting provides her with an edge in the areas of business law, as well as estate planning and administration. The general nature of her practice allows her to flag issues that arise on matters, related to different areas of law – for example, how insolvency law may affect a contract matter, or how family law may affect estate planning.

With an acute interest in tax and estate planning, Kristen has enrolled with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP Canada) with the goal of working toward an internationally-recognized Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) designation.


At Kress Law, excellent client service is the foremost priority, and that's not just lip service.

Everyone on our team endeavours, every day, to ensure not only that we deliver work of the same quality that you would get at a large firm, but that we deliver that work in a timely manner. While delays are sometimes inevitable in legal matters, our goal is to ensure that undue delay on a file never originates in our office. 

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