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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process whereby the parties, with or without counsel present, attend sessions with a mediator whose role is to assist them in coming to a solution to their legal problems. It is up to the parties to come to an agreement. If not, the mediator has no ability to impose a decision upon them. 

Our court system often moves at a snail’s pace, and litigation is very expensive. Litigants have little control over the outcomes, and we do not believe that the courts are the best place to resolve most legal disputes faced by regular people. This is particularly true with family law disputes, where the adversarial process can make a bad situation worse, making it even more difficult for families to restructure after separation, with children often paying the price.

A strong believer in alternative dispute resolution, Kristen attended the Legal Education Society of Alberta’s intensive weeklong course on Mediation of Family and Divorce Conflicts in 2018 and is available to mediate conflicts in all areas of law. 

While she no longer accepts new family law files, she did practice in that area from 2011 to 2020 and is knowledgeable about the law in that area.

Mediation can be less expensive than other methods of dispute resolution, but not necessarily. There is no guarantee of success, although parties are often able to come to some solution. 

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