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At Kress Law, we also offer other legal services such as:

  • commissioning and notarial services;
  • general litigation; 
  • estate litigation;
  • legal consultations on civil claims, small claims, residential tenancy matters, contract issues, estate issues, employment matters, debt and insolvency issues.

We do not offer free consultations. Often, firms that offer free consultations keep them very short and strictly time-limited, and that time is used to provide a limited amount of general information and as a sales pitch for you to retain the firm, rather than to provide you with legal advice. That’s not how we do things.

If you come in for a consultation, you will be charged for the time actually used, in increments of 0.1 of an hour. However, we do not hold back on providing you with the best possible advice we can in the time we have, often providing you with the information necessary to solve your problems without any further legal fees at all. We are not incentivized to withhold information from you or to ensure you retain us.  In fact, we’re happy if you leave a consultation with the tools to resolve your issue without our further assistance.
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